Welcome To Vehicle Composites

Fibreglass Moulding and Repair specialist.

What We Do

  •  Bespoke GRP Mouldings
  •  Automotive: Trailer components, Wind deflectors, Body Kits, Bodywork etc
  •  Specialist Applications: Lining, Fabrications & Prototypes
  •  Repairs: Boat, Caravan, HGV body, Refrigerated Vehicle Lining

About Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

The excellent strength-to-weight ratio of the material, coupled with its dimensional stability, makes GRP the perfect material for a wide range of products and construction projects.

For such an inexpensive collection of raw materials, GRP (more commonly known as fibreglass) is unnaturally strong. It is the perfect construction material for vehicle parts due to it being unaffected by sea air and corrosive road salt, where other materials could weather over time.

Here at Vehicle Composites we have over 27 years of real, hands-on experience working with Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic. We take immense pride in all the GRP products we've created for our customers, ensuring we give our customers exactly what they were looking for.